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Consulting: Integrated Planning and Review™

“People want the most effective, productive, and rewarding way of working together to achieve a common end. They want the process and the relationships forged therein to meet their personal needs for belonging, meaningful contribution…[and] having the opportunity for personal growth…Understanding and accepting diversity allows us to acknowledge that each of us has a need to be needed, to contribute in some way. It also enables us to begin admitting that we do not and cannot know or do everything and that we must rely on the strengths of others with complete trust.”

Dr. Chris Maser, “Resolving Environmental Conflict: Towards Sustainable Community Development,” DelRay Beach, FL, St. Lucie Press, 1996.

The Team of Environmental Planning Strategies, Inc and Pathway Consulting Service LLC helps you productively untangle and negotiate the process webs of obtaining land use permits, rights-of-way, and cost recovery agreements, and conduct environmental reviews and NEPA compliance


Avoid delays, conflict, unnecessary costs, and constantly changing projects, processes, and permitting while leveraging the expertise of your professionals and contracting


We partner with permitting agencies, applicants and contractors to increase your productivity, strengthen your strategies, and lower your costs




Productive Engagement of Agencies and Applicants

Applicants depend on agencies to provide guidance

Agencies and applicants work together to understand

Which may change over time and with differing personnel

Agency regulator requirements for permitting, obtaining rights-of-way, and environmental compliance and review

Applicants try to guess what agencies want in a complete

application, and must submit multiple applications to meet

agency requests and requirements

Agencies and applicants work together during the pre-application and the application processes to ensure regulatory compliance and complete applications the first time

Applicants and contractors and sometimes even agency

employees do not understand agency authorities and

responsibilities for permitting, environmental review, and

obtaining rights-of-way

All parties are clear throughout the application and pre-application processes on roles, responsibilities, and authorities

Cost recovery and responsibility Memoranda of

Agreements take forever, and are sometimes never


All parties negotiate responsibilities, authorities, duties and cost recovery agreements responsibly and efficiently

Efficient Interdisciplinary Planning

Stovepipes interactions within and among applicant and

agency organizations

Collaborates with disciplinary professionals and managers to understand the issues and options

Ignores other reasonable alternatives

Recognizes and investigates effective ways to meet applicant objectives while reducing environmental and social impacts

Focuses on interests and positions, causing conflicts within a bartering negotiation

Focuses on underlying needs and issues (cause-and-effect relationships) to create common understandings and collaborative solutions, minimizing the risk of conflict

Compliance with other regulations and laws occurs

piecemeal, independently, and consecutively

Compliance is integrated seamlessly into planning during pre-application, application, and environmental review processes

Mitigation is not commensurate with the level of specific impacts

Mitigation is developed using site-specific cause-and-effect relationships, commensurate with impacts in

time and space

Building Consensus and Accountability

Agency and applicant turf wars, conflict, resistance, and disrespect

All parties share information, ask questions, and create understanding in a respectful and supportive way

Costly delays and time needed due to “repeat planning” and applicant/agency misunderstandings and slowdowns

Planning progresses smoothly, collaboratively, through the permitting processes

Winners and losers are often defined by their persistence and endurance

Relationships within and among applicants and agencies support productive planning, informed decisions, and environmental and social sustainability, with all parties being winners

Applicants and agencies communicate using paper and email

Applicants and agencies meet and openly discuss proposed projects, issues, alternatives, mitigation, and potential conflicts, focusing the planning and permitting

Planning and Permitting that Builds for the Future

Projects are designed and constructed focused on the action proposed by the applicant

Projects are designed with long-term land use, appropriate environmental protections, and social sustainability always at the forefront

For more information on additional services provided by Environmental Planning Strategies, Inc related to planning, NEPA, the Facilitated Planning Process and Informed Facilitation, environmental and planning document review, conflict resolution, and NEPA applied to many sectors, please see

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