If navigating NEPA or land use permits is challenging or painful - our training seminars and workshop are right for you


To increase efficiency and lower costs, Robert Cunningham and Judith Lee, with over 70 years of combined experience, personally conduct each tailored seminar or workshop to help you transform your planning and permitting About Us

Integrated Planning and Review™, built on the Facilitated Planning Approach™,

resolves challenges in permitting and NEPA compliance


Experience interactive and practical training that you can immediately put to work

Our training is tailored to land use agencies, companies, interdisciplinary specialists, planners, NEPA coordinators, managers to assist with:

  •  Conducting internal planning by proponents


  • Negotiating the pre-application agency and applicant engagement

  • Collaborating on the environmental review and permitting process

Integrated Planning and Review™

Using the Power of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and Collaborative Engagement for Environmental Review and Permitting

1, 2, or 3 days

This interactive workshop provides a combination of lecture, facilitated discussion, and “real life” case studies and projects, individually tailored for companies and agencies involved in requesting or deciding federal or state land use permits and conducting associated environmental reviews

Understand and practice efficient and focused interdisciplinary planning processes required by NEPA and good practives using Integrated Planning and Review and the proven Facilitated Planning Process

Gain proficiency in using NEPA for preparing for pre-application processes and submitting/reviewing a complete and analytic application for a special use permit

Learn how to navigate and efficiently comply with different agency regulations for permitting, rights-of-way, and NEPA to ensure both applicant and agency move forward productively

Understand the distinction between the applicant’s need, the federal decisions, and the proposed action to focus planning and decision making

Learn to develop complete and effective planning strategies, land use applications, and environmental impact analyses to ensure proponents and agencies are prepared for and committed to effective engagement throughout the pre-application and application phases

Emphasize practical planning and engagement strategies by effectively using the CEQ regulations and guidance, agency NEPA, permitting, gaining rights-of-way, and cost recovery procedures, and relevant court decisions and precedents

Create statements of work and understand inherently governmental functions to ensure effective third party contracting during the pre-application, application, and/or environmental review stages

Generate positive commitment from all parties through powerful negotiation of cost recovery and memoranda of agreement

Choose the length of training to suit your needs (Executive Seminar through full multi-day interactive training)

  • 1-Day Seminar: Mostly Lecture, with Facilitated Discussion and Sharing Topical Information - Managers/Project Managers of Proponents or Agency(ies)

  • 2-Day Educational Short Course: Lecture, Facilitated Discussion, and Case Studies - Proponent and Agency Managers/Project Managers

  • 3-Day Workshop: Lecture, Facilitated Discussion, and Detailed Work on Case Studies and/or actual projects – Proponent and Agency Project Managers and Subject Matter Experts

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